NSA AGENTS who specialize in SECRET BACK DOORS FOR SPYING ON YOU are able to keep an eye on all levels of our digital lives. THE NSA ILLEGAL GOVT HACKERS SPY ON computing centers to individual computers, and from laptops to mobile phones. UNLOCKING ANY AND ALL PHONES AND COMPUTERS AND LABTOPS. FOR EVERY SECURED COMPUTER OR NETWORK the ANT seems to have a key in its toolbox TO OPEN AND GAIN INSTANT ACCESS TO EVERYONE. And no matter what walls companies erect, the NSA’s specialists seem already to have gotten past them.
THE NSA 50-page CATAOLOG HAS A list that reads like a mail-order catalog. ALL NSA employees can order technologies from the ANT division for tapping their targets’ data. The catalog even lists the prices for these electronic break-in tools, with costs ranging from free to 0,000. In the case of Juniper, the name of this particular digital lock pick is “FEEDTROUGH.” This NSA MALWARE burrows into Juniper firewalls and makes it possible to smuggle other NSA programs into mainframe computers. Thanks to FEEDTROUGH, these implants can, by design, even survive “across reboots and software upgrades.” In this way, US GOVERNMENT SPIES can SECURE and PLANT themselves a permanent presence in ANY computer networks. The catalog states that FEEDTROUGH “has been deployed on many target platforms.”
NSA SPECIALISTS at ANT which stands for Advanced or Access Network Technology, ARE GOVT EMPLOYED MASTER HACKERS for the NSA’s department for Tailored Access Operations (TAO). In cases where TAO’s usual hacking and data-skimming methods don’t suffice, ANT workers step in with their special tools, penetrating networking equipment, monitoring mobile phones and computers and diverting or even modifying data. Such “IMPLANTS,” as they are referred to in NSA parlance, have played a considerable role in the intelligence agency’s ability to establish a global covert network that operates alongside the Internet.
AND GRAPHICS SHOWING NSA SPY TOOLS http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/a-941262.html

PHOTOS OF NSA SPY PROGRAMS http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/photo-gallery-how-the-nsa-infiltrates-computers-fotostrecke-105339.html


  1. Thank God I’m not dumb enough to use Windows or Internet Explorer! JACOB
    #WindowsUserYoureBeingHacked #LinuxFTW

  2. Must watch! The guy is a brilliant speaker and the subject really
    interesting so a well worth watch.

  3. Worth a listen if you have an hour to learn about NSA capability at a more
    than “cocktail party” level.

  4. Absolutely, we are being spied on just for watching this video…The NSA is
    recording everything and red flagging stuff as well….everything means
    Last night i was having a conversation about the human RFID chip where they
    will be able to see who is in your house and also in your bed because it
    will have GPS tech. tracking almost certainly. That means something beyond
    what most people can even come close to understanding with what they will
    do with that tech. They could deem that your relationship is not to their
    liking and take covert action to separate the couple. Stand against this
    government corruption. Stand against paying taxes to these criminals!! Do
    not just let this shit slide or we all will be paying for it dearly in the
    years to come.

  5. You are an outstanding speaker Mr. Applebaum. Perfect volume and
    enunciation. Enjoyed your humor, but I can’t smile or laugh. What a sad
    country we have become.

  6. so basically I’m paying the govt to spy on me with my tax $$$ to find out i
    like interracial lesbian porn and hot girls who fart a lot while smoking a

  7. I knew it was bad, but really had no clue the depths these morally
    deficient criminals would go, with OUR FKN TAX $$$$. On a lighter note,
    Jacobs presentation was jaw dropping !

  8. This video is rather long, but well worth your time to watch.

    It’s a little old but will enlighten you as to point out just how
    vulnerable you are.right NOW!

  9. If you think you’re safe from the NSA, think again.

    I won’t spoil the end of the talk, but it may (quite literally) blow your

    * waves at NSA * – coo-ee!

  10. When you consider that this data is used for industrial, economic, and
    political espionage, you have something to fear if you work for a non-US
    company with US competitors. GCHQ even went as far as jeopardizing UK jobs
    by providing negotiation data, via NSA, to a big American company that was
    competing with a UK company … all with our tax ₤ – 5 eyes allegiance is,
    apparently, more important than UK jobs.

  11. the average person wont be interested in lecture form, comical skits would
    be much more effective at bringing about mass awareness to the crimes of
    the NSA. I would think that they would have to be skits or youtube clips
    that could gain mass attention alone and then slip in thing about the NSA
    to hit people on a subconscious level. People have to reduce themselves to
    the same level as the powers to be in order to beat the filthy scum

  12. Now I understand why, when I go to Google on my android/smartphone, I see a
    tab for Yahoo, even though I don’t use Yahoo.

  13. In October 2010, I was supposed to receive a standard notification card
    from the local Board of Elections prior to the November elections. I didn’t
    receive it until January 2011. Yes, they tamper & withhold mail.

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