How to keep a computer running properly in 14 steps

How to keep a windows 8 or 8.1 computer running properly in 14 steps!

These steps are for the non-techie minded PC users
but for the more advanced users among ye!
A few things that you’re probably not aware of !

So basically anyone should be well capable of using them
to keep their computer running correctly!
These are the only steps you will ever need to keep
a PC running correctly and save you money by not having to
buy poor at best software for implementing a maintenance plan.
and when you do have a problem built into these 14 steps
is a fix for that issue whither it’s hardware or software problem.
And all common problems users encounter with there computers

Now as a computer technician these are the 14 steps i use to sort
out most computer problems.

Step 1
Remove software programs & app’s you do
not use!
This will free up hard drive space,
resources and services!

Step 2
Cleaning start-up
Removing programs from the start-up

Step 3
Cleaning up your drive {disk cleanup}
You must run everyday.
Efficiency and maintains speed.

Step 4
To set it up correctly takes 2 min
runs on autopilot keeping files and folders tidy
will maintain fast and efficient data searching.

Step 5
Leaving 15 % of free space on your drive!
This step is extremely important!
Drives full to capacity will cripple a PC.

Step 6
setup time 5 min and
runs on autopilot. The most over
Looked and misunderstood area of a PC.

Step 7
Malware/Spyware Protection
setup time 5 min

Step 8
Windows Updates
setup takes 2 min runs on autopilot
helps keep your computer more secure
and reliable.

Step 9
Hardware Driver Updates
Checking and updating takes 2 min.
Check once every 3-6 months.

Step 10
Memory Levels
checking takes 5 min. It’s simple
but very important to make sure you
have enough memory!

Step 11
Backing up your data
Setup time 5 min runs on autopilot
again there is a lot of confusion
and false info about how to
backing up your precious data.

Step 12
Making a System Image
set up 5 min. This is the most important
part. Every computer owner should
make a system image or a clone
of there drive this will recover your
computer from every kind of problem or
disasters large or small.

Refreshing Operating System
Every 12 months
Keeps the operating system from getting corrupted
also removes viruses, damage program on so on…

Step 14
Replacing Parts
Hardware Replacement Plan
saves money and keeps you PC up-to-date
If you do not follow this step your computer
will fail!

There’s no learning curve to
this System you either apply it and have
complete control over your computer,
Or you do not and it will slow down,
start giving trouble, eventually
loose everything and your computer will fail!
It’s completely up to you…

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