A Few Vital Steps to Protect Your Computer

Protect your computerWhenever you are online you and your computer are vulnerable – this is serious and is not something which you should ignore and hope it will go away. Computers are under attack from viruses, malware and other vicious and dangerous things every minute of every day. This can put your home, identity, money and information at risk.

Your computer needs and deserves your protection. Here are a few steps you must take in order to provide that vital protection.

  • Update your computer whenever new updates are available. If you continue to use old, insecure operating systems your computer is at risk. New operating systems are always being released with improved security so make sure that yours are always up to date.
  • Install anti-virus software onto your computer. There are some fabulous free packages available so there really is no excuse. Make sure that your chosen antivirus software is regularly updated so that it can keep abreast of the latest threats and viruses.
  • Be sure to block spyware. Some of this spyware will effectively hi-jack your web browser redirecting you to their own website where they can go about installing and downloading trojans and other keylogger programs which enable hackers to take over your computer and steal your information.
  • Use a firewall. These are designed to block your computer from hackers when they try to enter your computer.  Make sure that your firewall and router are installed and configured properly.
  • Beef up your passwords. Many passwords are remarkably easy to crack so make sure that yours are as complex as you can remember. Don’t write them down – passwords of more than 8 characters are the most difficult to crack and remember to use a combination of letters and numbers for the greatest effect.  Passwords should also be changed regularly for added safety.

Follow these few vital steps to protect your computer and keep your information safe.  For information on protecting your computer while on a public Wi-Fi through the use of a VPN click here.

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